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Do you want to get better at your piano playing?  There’s really only one way to get better and enjoy your playing more and more every day and that is to invoke the first “P” word – practice.  If you do something in a concentrated focused fashion on a daily basis, you will get better – and that includes playing the piano.
Once you have achieved success you need to share your new found piano skills and that is the second “P” word – performance.  Share your piano music with your friends, your family, or with the world via YouTube.

The two “P” words – practice and performance – the two important words in the study of the piano.


Why would an adult decide to learn to play the piano?  To start something totally new, something never tried before, something incredibly challenging?  Probably for one of three reasons:  it is a life-long dream and something they know they should not have given up as a child, it is something they feel they could do in their free time to relax and relieve stress, or they want to be the life of the party or the one of their group playing a song on the piano on YouTube.

The pentatonic system of learning the piano helps an adult fulfill their dream far more quickly than John Thompson ever could.  With this system the beginning pianist is presented with the five black keys on the piano and with those five notes can create some beautiful music in a day. Technical motor skill development will start with the first lesson with not only the right hand, but with both hands.  The dream of playing songs on the piano will be realized!  The practice will be enjoyable, the memory of being “forced” to play will dim and the adult will fondly remember their piano experiences of the past with joy and will look to their piano playing future with pride.


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