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What Type of “Summer Learner” Are You?

Posted on: June 10, 2014

Summer – a time for learning – a time to acquire knowledge or skills through experience, study or by being taught.

What type of summer learner are you? 

The “armchair” learner

  Is it time to put your feet up and get out the book that has sat on your desk all winter? 

  Is it time to sit on the deck and catch up on your professional journals?

 Is it time to peruse those websites that have been bookmarked for months?

  Is it time to listen to the recordings you purchased at last year’s concerts?

The “day-trip” learner

 Is it time to schedule a summer’s worth of coaching lessons from a local professional?

  Is it time to attend a workshop being held in your community?

  Is it time to share experiences and ideas with local colleagues?

  Is it time to visit local libraries, museums, and galleries?

  Is it time to attend an event as a participant rather than a presenter?

The “big trip” learner

  Is it time to attend a national professional conference?

  Is it time to experience another culture?

Whatever your learning style, enjoy your summer!


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