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Spring Practice Reminders

Posted on: April 8, 2013

The glory of Spring has arrived.  With sunny warm days, the trees and flowers blooming, and more light every day, there is a new energy in the air.  Make sure you capture that energy as you move toward the realization of your Spring goals.

Just a few quick practice reminders:

  • Schedule your practice sessions in advance so they become a priority in your day
  • Plan your practice sessions carefully
  • Warm-up with a favorite piece or technical studies to focus your mind
  • Remember to take breaks
  • Don’t practice when you are tired
  • Always reward yourself with a favorite piece to end your practice session
  • Enjoy yourself!
    Dr. Jeannine Jordan, teacher, coach, and concert organist

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  • bhundley1: I'm interested in your elaborating on the "fingering" aspect of practice. Are you a fan of Czerny, for instance, in terms of building up dexterity wi
  • promotionmusic: Thanks for your response. Congratulations to you on the work you are doing in the piano world.


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