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Whether you are a teacher, student, church musician, concert artist, or preparing for a competition, following the Plan, Prepare, Present process will lead to success in your musical endeavors.

Planning your performance

1. Determine the purpose of the performance.
Instruct and inform
Convince, persuade, influence or motivate,
amuse and entertain

2. Determine who the audience will be

3. Determine the venue and instrument you will be playing

4. Choose repertoire appropriate to purpose, audience, and venue


Preparing your performance

1.  Create a realistic practice plan to learn the chosen
repertoire based on:
Performance date
Practice time available
Maximizing your strengths
Allotting time to overcome your weaknesses

2.  Follow the plan in a careful, consistent manner

3.  Know how to regain enthusiasm during those inevitable moments of self-doubt

4.    Practice, practice and practice
To gain familiarity and ease with your
To hear yourself by using a tape recorder
To gain feedback by practicing in front of family
or colleagues
To reduce nerves
To make sure your performance is within the
allocated time period

5.      As the performance date approaches visit the venue
Discover how your instrument will sound in the
Determine the lighting
If you will be speaking, test the sound
Learn where the audience will be seated
Discover if there will be any distractions
Determine the temperature of the room


Presenting your performance

  1.   Make a positive first impression
    Confident body language
    A relaxed demeanor
    Appropriate dress for the
  2.   Build rapport with your audience
    Involve your audience
  3.   Hold the attention of the audience
    “Own” your music
    Exude enthusiasm about your performance
    Play in a convincing manner
    Share your joy
  4. Close your performance to make a favorable and lasting impression

    (Dr. Jeannine Jordan, concert organist and with David Jordan, creator and performer of the organ and media event, Bach and Sons.)



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