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As an organist, it is a thrill to travel the world playing incredible instruments and sharing music with audiences.  On Friday, August 17th in Ried, Austria I will be playing the Schwanthaler organ in a presentation of the world premier of the German versiou of our organ and media event, Bach and Sons.  Part of the Rieder SommerMusik Fest, the Stadtpfarrkirche Sts. Peter and Paul, hosts the event. (To learn more of our event, visit

Dr. Jeannine Jordan, organist with David Jordan, media artist

Music I will be performing as part of the Bach and Sons event  is the Toccata in d minor, the “St. Anne” Fugue, a trio sonata, and many chorale preludes by JS Bach; a sonata by CPE Bach; a chorale prelude by WF Bach; and other incredible piece

During the event, I narrate the story of the life of JS Bach and his family as related by the women important in the Bach family’s life–Maria Barbara, Catharina Dorothea, and Anna Magdalena Bach, and Sara Levy, a patron of the arts and collector of the music of JS Bach and his sons. It was a wonderful challenge for me to learn the narration of the show in German for this world premier concert.



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