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JS Bach – a composer’s name that most everyone knows.  Didn’t he compose that “scary” Phantom music?  Well, yes – that amazing piece called the Toccata and Fugue in d minor for the King of Instruments – the organ – is that “scary” and magnificent piece of music.

Bach’s music holds our attention and our imagination in the 21st century.  Yet Bach lived over three hundred years ago.  His music endures because it is intricate – it challenges the listener to keep listening;  it is emotional – why else is the Toccata called “scary” music;  it is exciting – hundreds and thousands of notes keep players focused and the listener intrigued;  it is masterful – no other composer has come close to the sheer volume of perfect music composed in a lifetime;  it demands our attention – both as a performer and a listener.

So take time this week – explore the music of this genius, this consummate musician, this master – listen to a CD, attend a performance or better yet – play one of his magnificent compositions on the organ or piano.



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