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Share the Joy of Your Piano Playing

Posted on: July 15, 2009

I  hope my piano students learn from me –
How to share their piano music
How to find joy in making music

It is important to me that my students share their piano music with their colleagues, friends and family through the recital venue.  When they share their piano music recitals they move to a different musical level.  They take on the role of interpreter and performer.  The music they have worked so hard to learn becomes theirs and theirs alone.

The most important thing I hope my students learn from me is that making music is a joy-filled experience.  Creating beautiful sounds is a work of art – a work of pleasure – a work of joy.

Oh and did I mention, I also hope my piano students learn patience, perseverance, overcoming challenges, enthusiasm, happiness, knowledge and wisdom from me.  Yes, the give and take between teacher and piano student is continuous.  The learning and knowledge are constantly shared.  That is why I continue to teach adult students to play the piano.


1 Response to "Share the Joy of Your Piano Playing"

Well, I agree that some of your enthusiasm may rub off on your students. However, piano playing is just straight up inherently joyful and as silly as it may seem to say-but I expect you know it is true- it is possible to just play a single note on a good piano and just float with it.

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