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Skills My Piano Students Learn from Their Teacher

Posted on: July 13, 2009

I have been teaching adults how to play the piano and the organ for many years.  It has been challenging and satisfying at the same time.  Every week I learn so much from my students including patience, perseverance, how to overcome challenges, enthusiasm, happiness, knowledge and of course wisdom.

But, what is it I hope my students learn from me?  I hope they learn

How to choose a piece of piano music
How to work through a piece of music
How to find “the music” in a particular piano piece
How to share their music
How to find joy in making music

Oh and did I mention, I also hope my piano students learn patience, perseverance, overcoming challenges, enthusiasm, happiness, knowledge and wisdom from me.  Yes, the give and take between teacher and piano student is continuous.  The learning and knowledge are constantly shared.  That is why I continue to teach adult students how to play the piano.


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  • promotionmusic: Thanks for your response. Congratulations to you on the work you are doing in the piano world.


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