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Play the Piano for the Joy of It

Posted on: June 23, 2009

There comes a time in your piano practice where you simply have to play the piano for the pure joy of playing, where you let go of all the technical challenges, the self-analysis, and the voice of self-control and discipline and “just play the piano.”

Too often we get caught up in the how and why’s of playing the piano that we forget to celebrate the simple pleasure and joy of creating beautiful sounds and of simply playing the piano. Every pianist, beginner or advanced, has a piece in their repertoire they can play without “working” at it.  A piece that is simpler than the current “working” repertoire or a piece learned years earlier might be the piece to just let yourself play.

Creating beautiful sounds and making music is the goal of all piano playing, so why not celebrate that joy and make sure in every practice session you reward yourself with those beautiful sounds you have worked so hard to create and just make music on the piano.


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  • bhundley1: I'm interested in your elaborating on the "fingering" aspect of practice. Are you a fan of Czerny, for instance, in terms of building up dexterity wi
  • promotionmusic: Thanks for your response. Congratulations to you on the work you are doing in the piano world.


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