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Enjoy your piano playing

Posted on: June 16, 2009

You probably started learning to play the piano for a specific reason – to learn a piece you love, to play for your family and friends, to relax, to fulfill a dream, to take up where you left off as a kid, and most probably just to make music.  That’s what playing the piano is really about – making music.

You probably have decided on an online tutorial piano course, are taking classes at a local college, or have a private teacher.  You have a keyboard or piano and are practicing daily.

Now, the big question – are you enjoying yourself?  Playing the piano should bring you endless amounts of joy and satisfaction.  So, if those scales, finger dexterity exercises, the black key pentatonic songs are getting you down – play a fun song – play one of the first songs you learned.

Revel in your success and enjoy yourself!  It is sort of like that saying, “Life is short – eat dessert first.”  Well, life is short – so today – enjoy yourself and play your favorite song or scale or exercise on the piano


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  • freeonlinemusiclessons: Hey nice blog. I just picked up you RSS FEEDS. Check out my new website, you’ll like it!
  • bhundley1: I'm interested in your elaborating on the "fingering" aspect of practice. Are you a fan of Czerny, for instance, in terms of building up dexterity wi
  • promotionmusic: Thanks for your response. Congratulations to you on the work you are doing in the piano world.


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