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Playing the Piano – Three Questions to Ask Yourself

Posted on: June 15, 2009

Are you learning to play the piano?  Have you been playing the piano for awhile?  Are you taking piano lessons to enhance your skills?  Are you studying the piano to play for friends and family and in recitals?  Are you playing for your own enjoyment?

Every person who plays the piano no matter at what level needs to keep a reasonable perspective about the learning process and their successes and challenges.  One way to keep a healthy perspective about playing the piano is to ask yourself three questions as you work through exercises and repertoire or find yourself performing for a You Tube video or for a live audience.

Ask yourself

What did I do well?
What can I do better?
How can I make changes?

The first question, what did I do well? is the question that is rarely asked when starting to learn a new skill like playing the piano.  It also is the question a seasoned pianist needs to ask themselves and rarely does.  But, it is a very important question.

Any person playing the piano needs to notice and celebrate small
accomplishments.  They must recognize what was done well.  Learning to play the piano involves physical, mental and reasoning skills simultaneously.  It is a challenging instrument to play.  Thus the absolute need to celebrate accomplishments whether they be successfully crossing a thumb under on a scale passage fingering, using the damper pedal cleanly, performing a piece by memory, or recognizing a key signature is critical to one’s self esteem in learning to play the piano.


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