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Downloadable Piano Tutorials – Save Money and Learn At Your Pace

Posted on: June 12, 2009

Downloadable Piano Tutorials – Save Money, Time and Learn At Your Pace

There are many people who spend hundreds and thousands of dollars trying to learn the piano, but never actually PLAY the piano!  These same people waste countless hours traveling to and from private lessons and practicing boring drills and exercises but never really PLAYING music.

You can take private lessons for $75-$100/lesson or buy courses that cost hundreds of dollars and still end up not PLAYING the piano.

There are so many frustrated “wanna-be” pianists in the world today who have spent loads of money on private teachers, study courses, and instruments.  But, there is a more economical way to experience the joy of creating music on the piano.

Downloadable piano tutorials provide the same information an expensive teacher or a set of theory, technique and repertoire books. Some mini-courses with a half-dozen or more downloadable tutorials for piano study do not cost as much as just one private traditional lesson.

Downloadable piano tutorials are also a way to learn to play the piano at your own pace.  The information is on your computer waiting for you to explore.  The teacher is always right in your home providing playing examples and guiding you through the more intricate technical aspects of playing the piano.  You can watch the online videos once, twice, a dozen times, or whenever a clarification is needed on a song you are learning to play on the piano.


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