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If I Start the Piano Will I Stay With It?

Posted on: June 5, 2009

Adults who decide on their own to do something will stay with it until they reach the level they are seeking.  It’s not crucial that you reach the farthest level that someone else decides you should aspire to.  Everyone has his or her own interest level, dream or goal.

Some adults want to sit down and play the same song over and over and just have fun with it. Hey, that’s great. Others want to treat learning to play the piano as a challenge and keep going up the ladder progressing from one piece to another. Well that’s fine too.

What’s important is that if you want to sit down and play a few songs over every day after work, that’s just what you should do. Don’t frustrate yourself by playing what you think you should according to what someone else plans for you. That’s when people tend to give up.

Contrary to every other time you have heard this cliché laying out goals when you start might not be right in the beginning. The pentatonic method helps you just start and get a feeling of what it is like to play the piano.  Once you are playing then you will start to get a feeling of what level you want to play, what it is you want to play and whether you want to go on further or not.  When you take this approach then the answer is yes,absolutely you will stay with it.

Learning to play the piano using the pentatonic method makes it possible to start making music right away.  You then have time to decide if you want to just keep playing piano songs or later go into theory, playing by ear, playing hymns for your church, making YouTube videos of your playing, entertain your family and friends, or start playing classical repertoire. Maybe you will event to decide to get a teacher to help you progress even further.
So start the pentatonic way and plan to stay with it because you are going to learn to play songs on the piano today.Visit Play Piano Today with Dr. J


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