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Can I Do It? Can I Play the Piano?

Posted on: June 2, 2009

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Learning to play the piano the pentatonic way –
involves only the playing of five different notes
uses many recognizable and favorite melodies
allows a beginner to develop technique first
encourages the use of both hands in melody and accompaniment relationship
is immediately satisfying
encourages creativity and exploration of the keyboard
develops the ear
sounds great from the beginning
allows a person to make music quickly
encourages exploration of the world of music

Why learn to play the piano the pentatonic way?

Why not?

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Sometimes, there seems to be a huge wall of questions that can keep us from starting something new, something that seems overwhelming to us.  Something like, oh…starting piano. The good news is, it’s not overwhelming, better said, it doesn’t have to be.
Can I do it?

Can I play piano? Can I practice? Can I learn? Can I start something new at this age? Can I concentrate? Can I become a concert pianist? Can I just play my favorite songs?

Just a sidebar here, A man named John Schaum didn’t start playing Piano until he was 35 and ended up writing an entire piano music course that has been used by  piano teachers for decades and yes he played concerts.  Self taught.

Concerning piano, you will experience in “Play Piano Today With Dr. J” the answer to the question, “Can I do it?” is yes I can! We make it almost fool proof. Okay, fine, there probably is someone out there that would try hard to prove they couldn’t do it. However, we are talking about normal every day people like you and me.

Yes, you can and we help you finger by finger, day by day to know how to do it. We help you play piano-songs today. We have even worked with people that were missing fingers.

When you break a task down into manageable steps there is almost nothing you can’t do. Breaking it down into manageable, understandable, EASY tasks is our job, and frankly, our expertise.

Yes, you CAN do it!  You CAN learn to play the piano.


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