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Not Much Time?  Learn to Play the Piano the Pentatonic Way

Time?  Who has time?  Who has the time needed to learn to play the piano?  Doesn’t that take hours and hours a week and daily practice to get good enough to play songs on the piano?

Well, the best you can hope for is to get time on your own terms. You can learn about anything, including playing songs on the piano, if you can do it on your own time schedule and at your own speed.

When time is important to you and you want success at playing the piano in a relatively short amount of time, the pentatonic method is the way to go.  This method, because of the ease in which it encourages early playing of songs with accompaniments is very gratifying to a person with limited amounts of time.

Unlike other traditional methods of learning the piano, the pentatonic method starts with the playing of songs instead of with note naming, rhythm drills, and scale playing.  The novice pianist can be playing recognizable melodies with accompaniments much more quickly than the novice pianist who starts learning too play the piano in the traditional way.

Because the pentatonic method is based on only five notes that correspond to the black keys on the piano, technical facility is developed more quickly.  Proponents of the method also encourage practice away from a keyboard suggesting that pentatonic melody patterns be played on your desk, tabletop or even the steering wheel when stuck in traffic.  Everyone has time for that type of practice.

So if you are one of millions of people who have a dream to play the piano but do not think you have the time to learn, look no further than the pentatonic method.  Become the master of a repertoire of wonderfully played pentatonic melodies with accompaniments without spending hundreds of hours and months or years of time.  Start making your dream a reality and play songs on the piano today the pentatonic way.


What does a person need to become a pianist?  A piano and a desire to play?  Or is there more to it than that?

Definitely a keyboard instrument is a necessity.  Having an instrument on which to develop your skills and share your music is a must if a person is to become a pianist.

Having a method to study and a teacher to guide you are also important.

However, most everything else that allows a person to become a pianist is intrinsic.  These are values that come from inside a person.


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